Tyrant and Leftovers… ( sounds like a feast in a dictators palace…!)


2 new series I have started watching, worth recommending, whilst 2 new series that didn’t make it to the end of the pilot in my house… the ones to watch are the HBO produced “the leftovers” which is about the people left behind after a global rapture (guess bush and the neo-cons were right after all!), and the second series is made by Fox (neo-cons again !) and is called tyrant…Think of it as Homeland in reverse… instead of Brody its Barry and instead of him being freed and returning home to US, Barry the son of a Saddamesque tin pot dictator left home years ago to become a doctor in america… upon returning home for a family wedding circumstances force bazza in to stepping up and start the transformation in to a proper son of a bitch like his brother (a real doppleganger for uday hussain, complete with having sex with anyone he fancies, including his daughter in law)… second episode had some shoddy acting but enough shock value to give it another week….

The Leftovers



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