Transformers: Age of Extinction review interminably stupid

Michael Bay’s latest addition to the Transformers franchise pummels the audience into stupefied submission

The OED offers one definition of "epic" as "an exceptionally long and arduous task or activity", and it is clearly this informal usage that Michael Bay adopts when describing his latest bore-buster. Yes, it’s Transformers: Bigger, Louder, Longer, although sadly not Better. All the usual Bay trademarks are here: the interminably stupid plot (dinosaurs, seeds, ‘splosions etc); incoherent action sequences (the marginally slower edit speed has solved little); endless leering shots of the leading lady’s butt (accompanied by references to her "minor" status and an extended joke about statutory rape laws); a couple of proper actors slumming it for cash (Stanley Tucci stepping into John Turturro’s shoes; Kelsey Grammer mugging for the money); and an overwhelming desire to pummel the audience into stupefied submission.

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