The best show on TV is back – Take a bow Ray Donovan

Finding quality stuff to watch had become more and more difficult lately. All the good shows have ended and the ones showing now are either old rubbish or badly thought of new rubbish. It is with utmost joy that I welcome back in my opinion the best series on TV. The first series of Ray Donovan had everything; brilliant acting by heavyweight actors who put other shows feeble attempts at drama to shame. The plots in each episode were fast moving and the show didn’t spend ages waffling and padding out episodes (think Brody’s daughters love interest story line in Homeland – did anyone care and did it have anything to do with the main story line).

The second season opened where the first had finished.  Having thought he and Avi where in the clear for the murder of James Woods (did I mention they have heavyweight actors on this show!), and that his father, brilliantly played by Jon Voight has managed to leave the country and out of Ray’s life. Sadly it turns out this is not the case and that Ray needs to find his father and bring him back rather sharpish. The episode was a roller coaster ride throughout culminating in a fantastic ending which anyone watching will remember for a long time to come.  Is there anyone cooler than Ray on TV at the moment? I don’t think so… Is there a better program on TV? Most definitely not… A must watch series that will become as big as The Wire, The Sopranos, and Breaking Bad.

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