Stained (2010)

Stainedstained-2010-poster3.3 out of10 (worst is 0)based on20 ratings.


Year: 2010
Country: Canada
Release date:
Genres: Thriller
Stars: Tinsel Korey, Sonja Bennett, Tim Fellingham
Directors: Karen Lam
Runtime: min
Plot: An intense thriller about a lonely bookseller's obsessive love affair, and her protective best friend, who alone knows the horrible truth about her obsession.
MPAA Rating: advertisement
User Rating: 3.3/10 based on 20 votes.


Isabelle lives alone in a big city with her two cats, and runs a shabby book store in a bohemian area of town. Her life consists of a set of dull daily rituals: breakfast at her local coffee shop, reading classical romance novels, and talking to her long-distance foster sister Jennifer every evening on the telephone. Everything changes when Isabelle's ex-lover James appears at her store. Her life instantly fills with excitement and color, and although Jennifer is frantic with worry, Isabelle becomes lost in a fantasy world with her supposed soul mate. The relationship is emotionally abusive, however, and Isabelle begins to self-destruct. Jennifer puts her own life on hold and drives across the country to save her foster sister, bringing a secret from their shared past… Isabelle's lover can't possibly be James.

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