Silvio Dante is hiding in Lilyhammer… Shhhhh….


Here is a great series I kind of stumbled upon earlier today… I was browsing online looking for some pictures and I saw what looked like a depressed Silvio from The Sopranos… Upon closer inspection I was shocked to find out that (a) it is Silvio Dante (brilliantly acted by Steven Van Zandt) from The Sopranos (place your own moan regarding the ending here and no cross-reffing to Dexter allowed!), and (b) The series is about a wise-guy who is hiding in Norway under the witness protection plan (basically Silvio turned rat) and the series started in 2012 so I have missed two whole series…. Now that could be a blessing in disguise as Having watched the first 20 minutes of the first episode of the first series, I can feel a long session coming a long where I spend a good 12 to 15 hours watching Silvio do his part (all the time wishing The Sopranos had never left)…

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