Melvin (2009)

Melvinmelvin-2009-poster5.9 out of10 (worst is 0)based on32 ratings.


Melvin is dead… You're next

Year: 2009
Country: USA
Release date:
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Horror
Stars: Patrick O'Driscoll, Leif Fuller, Lilly Maher
Directors: Henry Weintraub
Runtime: 63min
Plot: Melvin, a high school student who doesn't fit in, becomes victim of a horrible prank, now he will seek revenge on all who wronged him… and even some who didn't.
User Rating: 5.9/10 based on 32 votes.


Melvin is dead… Now, three years after his accidental murder, he's finally making up for lost time. After enlisting the involuntary help of nerdy college student Norton Pincus, he's ready to take on those who are responsible for his death. Melvin's thirst for vengeance will take this dynamic dork duo on a mind-blowing streak of throat-ripping, vomit-spewing, head decapitating and much, much more.

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