How to Train Your Dragon 2 review impressively swoopy

The second instalment in DreamWorks’ Vikings and beasties series takes the story in intriguing directions

Having already opened in Scotland and Ireland, and extensively previewed in England and Wales, this second instalment in DreamWorks’ ongoing Vikings and beasties series (part three is due in 2016) barely seems to qualify as a new release. Set five years after the likably dazzling original, HTTYD2 finds Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) now facing more stubbly grown-up challenges his father (Gerard Butler) insisting that he take on the mantle of tribe leader just as the discovery of another world of dragon-riders threatens their future. As before, the animation is impressively swoopy and not a little scary; the appearance of a kaiju-like behemoth is genuinely spectacular, while the demonic roarings that ensue are unsettlingly monstrous. Cate Blanchett broadens the film’s familial palette as the voice of a new character whose appearance takes the story in some intriguing directions.

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