Dexter Morgan is Cold in July…

Cold in July
After the much criticized ending of Dexter, Michael C. Hall makes his come back in this pretty good thriller. His character is a long way away from Dexter but you can still see traces of the serial killer in him… Don Johnson and Sam Shepard more than pull their weight and added much to the film.

As far as I can remember (had been drinking a bit!) it has a few twists (which I pointed out to the girlfriend about 10 minutes before it happened so not that big a twist)… Sam Shepard is Sam Shepard as always whilst Don Johnson seems to have completed the transformation from Sonny Crocket to Kenny “fucking” Powers dad, and enough respect to him as he is as cool as ever… A bit weird to see Dexter being so helpless and in one scene fumbling with a gun, (inside, I am thinking get your knife out D… wtf!)…

Sadly, I got more drunk watching the film and I have no idea how it ended or even if I saw the ending… damn you Rice Wine…

You can check out the movie here 

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