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Top Foodie Movies


The most definitive list of “foodie” movies online. Some may not be based on food but have an iconic food scene and in my book that is good enough to qualify for this category (think Paulie slicing garlic with a razor blade in jail..!) I have tried to include as many movies related to food as I can, but if ... Read More »

Top 10 Sports Movies


Here are my ten favorite sports related movies. There are great comedies like Caddyshack (with Bill Murray), or Bull Durham (great Tim Robbins and Kevin Costner movie with Susan Sarandon adding the sex factor), as well as heavy features like Raging Bull or Cinderella Man… Pretty sure not everyone will agree with the list but if you think I have ... Read More »

Top 10 Comedy Movies


Although comedy remain of of the most loved styles of movie making, it somehow never gets the recognition it deserves. This is very true when it comes to the awards season. I could argue that it takes just as much acting skill for Rob Schneider to make one laugh in Deuce Bigalow as it takes for Daniel Day-Lewis to win ... Read More »

Top 10 Romantic Movies


Everyone is a fan of the romantic genre… sometimes it is the girlfriend that makes us sit through the movie pretending we would rather be watching some action bullshit instead (but secretly loving the romance !). Here is a list of 10 Romantic Movies which all pull at the heart strings… Click HERE to see the Top 10 Romantic Films ... Read More »

Top 10 Martial Arts Movies


  Here are 10 movies which have all had a great impact in the martial arts scene. I couldn’t put Enter The Dragon ten times so here are nine other films to complete the list… Click Here to see the films Read More »

TOP 10 Highest-Grossing Domestic Films in France


This a list based on number of tickets sold nationwide. Main source is Wikipedia (So god only know how accurate these figures are…. but I have gone through the trouble of doing the research so right or wrong enjoy these Frenchie sounding films. (Joking apart, they are very good)… Click Here to view the list Read More »

Definitive De Niro…


Is there anyone bigger or better acting today? Old Bob maybe getting on in years but he still has the ability to knock the proverbial ball out of the park.  So for all you Robert De Niro fans, here is his definitive list of work, covering the early days, the fat Raging Bull phase, all the way back to the ... Read More »