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A round up of all the various movies and TV shows I have watched recently…. May contain SPOILERS !

Blacker than ever – The Black List returns…

The Black List Series 2

There has been quite a lot of publicity surrounding the second series of the black list, which started last night. There have been “pre-series” specials last week and as is the norm the star (in this case James Spader) has been whoring himself from one chat show on to the next. So was the wait over? Well yes and no. ... Read More »

The (not so) Amazing Spider-Man 2


It was very hard but just managed to get to the end of this… Very poorly cast… most of the movie seemed like an 80’s teen love flick (Pretty in Pink, Mannequin etc) except nowhere as good… Although aimed at a younger comic audience (crappy unfunny one liners every time Spiderman does something, and no one getting killed on screen) ... Read More »

Expendables 3 (Oh no they didn’t – Oh yes they did make another one!)

The Expendables

Really? Another Expendables… what can I say… imagine putting Rambo, the Terminator, Mad Max, Danny the Dog, the Universal Soldier, the Transporter, Blade, Zorro, Hercules, Han Solo, and Dr Frasier Winslow Crane in the same movie… enough said… It really wasn’t very good… Seems they are just going through the motions and getting paid… The action sequences looked so old and ... Read More »

Dexter Morgan is Cold in July…

Cold in July

After the much criticized ending of Dexter, Michael C. Hall makes his come back in this pretty good thriller. His character is a long way away from Dexter but you can still see traces of the serial killer in him… Don Johnson and Sam Shepard more than pull their weight and added much to the film. As far as I ... Read More »

The best show on TV is back – Take a bow Ray Donovan


Finding quality stuff to watch had become more and more difficult lately. All the good shows have ended and the ones showing now are either old rubbish or badly thought of new rubbish. It is with utmost joy that I welcome back in my opinion the best series on TV. The first series of Ray Donovan had everything; brilliant acting ... Read More »

Silvio Dante is hiding in Lilyhammer… Shhhhh….


Here is a great series I kind of stumbled upon earlier today… I was browsing online looking for some pictures and I saw what looked like a depressed Silvio from The Sopranos… Upon closer inspection I was shocked to find out that (a) it is Silvio Dante (brilliantly acted by Steven Van Zandt) from The Sopranos (place your own moan ... Read More »



Downloaded and watched the new Johnny Depp flik called “Transcendence”… quite a thought provoking movie as you sit there watching the movie but constantly your mind is wondering what if this could happen and how long before it can happen (maybe happened already but we aren’t privy to the intel)… to summarize the movie, think Harold’s machine from Person Of ... Read More »