Blacker than ever – The Black List returns…

The Black List Series 2

There has been quite a lot of publicity surrounding the second series of the black list, which started last night. There have been “pre-series” specials last week and as is the norm the star (in this case James Spader) has been whoring himself from one chat show on to the next.

So was the wait over? Well yes and no. I am seeing a shift in the new series premiering or even returning to the screens and I do not like what I am seeing. You have to go back to the 2005 when the movie “Hostel” was released and pretty much moved the goal posts by showing violence like had never been seen before. The finger chopping torture scenes and the whole idea of the movie somehow made all who followed feel as if they have to be that much more graphic or violent than before. I am seeing this trend on US TV. There are many scenes of torture and general gruesomeness and “The Black List” does not shy away from these.

The new series sees the Elizabeth Keen character (played by Megan Boone who looks somewhat different from before, think more sexy and sultry) brooding over being deceived by her fake husband whilst James Spader’s “Red” Reddington has been captured by some Cameroonian child soldiers who are being pursued at speed by some other rebels… pretty good opening to the series and Spader steals every scene with the slightest movement of an eye or a flick of his mouth.

Sadly, the other trend with TV shows these days is fillers. Think cheap sausages full of Rusk and breadcrumbs hiding as meat. So many minutes of shows are wasted due to poor writing or lack of ideas and I am sorry to say that the Black List is also guilty of this.  Apart from the Reddington character and his eccentricities, this show comes up short and predictable.  I think overall an average 5  out of 10 for me…

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